Tales from The North

The Caribou

The Caribou is a short silent story about life, inspired by a Arctic folktale, about a sacred Caribou herd in the sky. It was believed this herd was in an eternal hunt with a hunter, and that when the hunter finally suceeded and killed the Caribou, it would bring about the end of the world.

I brought this back into an idea of how the caribou link to the very life of the Arctic tundra, as a vital and keystone species it seems like a fitting metaphor.

This tale was also inspired by the Alaska Wildlife Aliance and their lawsuit against a 211-mile state-subsidized industrial gravel road, called the Ambler Road, that would disrupt the Caribou’s migratory patterns. AWA are a great organisation fighting for many of these vital species, and the envoronments they live within.

The Caribou Concertina Artist Book

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