About me

Annie drawing

Hello! My name is Annie, and I am an illustrator currently based in Bristol.

You can usually find me scribbling away outdoors in frequented spots. I also love getting involved with our local flora and fauna directly, through both my work as an ornithologist and my time spent ringing birds.

I normally use mixed media - paints, pens, pastels, collage and design software to create textural illustrations and murals in a unique style. I take time to understand the requirements of a brief, and I work with a balance of care and speed to project completion. I pride myself in my professional process - confidently getting things done, and turning my client’s ideas into reality.

Following the receipt of my BA degree in Illustration from The University of West England, I have been working on getting the narratives of both prevailing and endangered species into the world. I do so through my art, creating stories and worlds through my illustrations which I hope will inspire my readers to learn more about the world around them.

This website is a showcase of my work, both previous and current, including my illustrations and children's book designs. My focus is largely around natural history illustration, from both writing and designing fictional and non-fictional works. I love working with any analogue medium but I' m particularly drawn to watercolour, graphite and ink work.


I’m always looking for new projects, whether it’s visual storytelling, field work or commissioned artworks. For anything book related please contact my agent at Spring Literary.

Anything else please don’t hesitate to get in touch!